Student Discount

Hey there, students of ThrottleChimp™! We know the uni or college grind isn't exactly a breeze. Money's tight, and your wheels are probably your lifeline. That's why we're cutting you some slack with a sweet 10% discount on our website.

Just a heads-up though, if something's already got a discount bigger than 10%, we can't pile on more savings, unfortunately.

Check out the categories below to see if you're in:

  • School (16 years or above)
  • College
  • University

If you're in any of those camps, hit up the form below. We'll shoot you over a discount code that'll work on all the gear you need. If we need a bit more info to double-check, we might give you a bell or drop you a quick email. Let's get your discount sorted so you can keep rolling without breaking the bank!