Throttle Up AND Shift into High Gear with ThrottleChimp™! ️

What's crackin' ThrottleChimp™ fam?! We've been killin' it in the motorcycle world for a hot minute now, and let's be real, it'll always be our jam. ️ But hey, we're all about the adrenaline rush here, you know that? Speed is our middle name (okay, maybe not literally, but you get the idea).

That's why we're super pumped to announce that ThrottleChimp™ is tearing down the walls and revving its engine into the world of automotive racing (cue epic guitar riff here) . Many of the awesome brands we already carry are rockstars in both the motorcycle and car game, so it just makes sense for us to bring those sweet products into our ThrottleChimp™ fam.

Here's the fuel you've been waiting for:

    • Karting and Car Helmets: Buckle up and protect your dome with top-of-the-line lids from Bell and Arai. We're talking serious safety and sleek designs that'll make you look like a legit racer. 🪖
    • Alpinestars Gear: Get suited up from head to toe with Alpinestars' incredible selection of clothing, gloves, and shoes. Alpinestars is a legend in the racing world, and now you can snag their iconic gear right here at ThrottleChimp™.

We're putting the finishing touches on our brand new Auto Chimpy™ section, so keep your eyes peeled for the launch (it's gonna be epic!). In the meantime, this is just a taste of the incredible new automotive products we'll be offering.

So, whether you're a two-wheeled warrior or a four-wheeled speed demon (or maybe both!), ThrottleChimp™ is now your one-stop shop for getting all the gear you need to dominate the track. #ThrottleUp #AutoChimpyComingSoon #WeGotThis Let's get this party started!


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