Hey there! At ThrottleChimp™, we've got your back when it comes to returns – taking the hassle out of the whole shebang. Forget about trekking to the local post office or scouring the web for a courier just to send stuff back our way, whether it's for a return or an exchange.

We're all about keeping things simple and wallet-friendly for our customers, especially when life throws a curveball with fit, colour, or the classic change of heart.

If we goofed up by sending the wrong item, it got battered in transit, or we caused a bit of chaos for you, give us a shout. We'll swing by and pick up the item on the house. We'll sort you out with a label, and our pals at Royal Mail will pop round to your gaff or workplace – you get to pick – and grab the parcel for the return trip to us.

Now, if it's a case of changing your mind, the fit falling short, or any other buyer oopsie, we'll hook you up with a label for just £4.99 – a steal compared to what those third-party services might quote you. If you're snagging a refund, we'll dock the cost from that, and if it's an exchange, we'll foot the bill ourselves. No extra pennies from your pocket, as long as the swapped products match in price.

Ready to roll with a return? Hit us up at 02477 360 405, drop a line to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk, or fill in the form below. We'll get back to you in a jiffy! 🚀