I Am A New UK Customer (I Haven't Placed An Order Yet)

Check it out – every item on our website comes with its own estimated dispatch and delivery time, just chilling under that "Add to Cart" button. Usually, the loading magic happens in a jiffy, but if you don't see it pop up instantly, give it a few seconds. Our website's on a mission to fetch that info from our stock system.

Now, if after around 10 seconds you're still in the dark about the date, it could be that an ad blocker is gate-crashing the party. Knock it off by disabling the ad blocker (FYI, we're ad-free champs) or give us a shout for the lowdown on that delivery date. We're here to keep things smooth!

We're counting our lucky stars for having a business with some serious international mojo. Here's the scoop – we've got warehouses sprinkled in different countries. We usually roll straight from our showroom or the good ol' UK warehouse, but every now and then, we might shuffle the stock from our international hotspots in Germany, Italy, Spain, or Japan.

Hold up, we've got your back! No need to stress about import fees or handling fees – we ship the goods from these cool international spots to our UK warehouse first.

Now, if you've been with us for a while, you'll remember the good old days when we zipped everything straight to your doorstep within 1-2 working days. Ah, the memories! Unfortunately, the UK parting ways with the EU has thrown a spanner in the works. But hey, we're still hustling to get your goodies to you – just with a bit of international warehouse flair!

Hey there, UK pals! When it comes to deliveries, we've got Royal Mail leading the charge for most of our parcels. If your package is throwing some serious size or weight, no worries – we call in the big guns, Parcelforce, to handle the heavy lifting.

Now, if you've got a special courier in mind, we're all ears! Drop us a line at sales@throttlechimp.co.uk or give us a ring at 02477 360 405. We can suss out the options using a nifty 3rd party website and get you a delivery rate. Just a heads up, though – we'd ask you to chip in for the quoted charge. Your wish is our command!

Good news, folks! Now, for all orders soaring over £25.00, the delivery fairy is making rounds for FREE across the UK. But if you're hanging out below the £25.00 mark, no worries – we've got a modest £4.99 delivery fee to keep things sailing smoothly.Got a specific courier in mind for your parcel? We're on it! Give us a shout at sales@throttlechimp.co.uk or dial us up at 02477 360 405. We'll tap into the wonders of a 3rd party website to fetch you a delivery rate, and while we're all about the magic, we'd kindly ask you to foot the bill for the quoted charge. Your delivery, your way – just let us know!

We're all about keeping things budget-friendly! Odds are, you landed here because we were already rocking the best deal on that specific thing you had your eye on. But, hey, if you've stumbled upon another seller flaunting a price tag lower than ours, give us a shout at sales@throttlechimp.co.uk or hit us up on 02477 360 405. Now, we won't throw around fancy "price match promises," but we'll definitely roll up our sleeves and give it a good go to stay in the competitive groove

I Am An Existing Customer (I Have Placed An Order But Haven't Recieved It Yet)

We get it; sometimes, website pages can be a bit of a blur, and the crucial bits tend to play hide-and-seek. If the delivery date was there when you placed the order but did a disappearing act on you, no worries! Check your order confirmation, which we've automatically sent to the email address you used. It's like a backup for your peace of mind.

Now, if the delivery date was a no-show during your order and you're feeling a bit left in the dark, relax! We've got it on our records, and we've fired off another email with all the deets.

However, if you find yourself in an email-less void, there are two likely suspects:

  1. Your email provider might have played the overzealous spam card. Check your Spam and Bin folders; our email might just be hanging out there.
  2. There's a chance a pesky typo slipped into your email address during the order - don't sweat it. You won't be the first, and you certainly won't be the last.

Feeling a bit lost? Hit us up on Live Chat, give us a bell at 02477 360 405, or shoot us an email at sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. We're here to guide you through the e-wilderness!

Alright, let's talk about that "estimated" delivery jazz – we throw it out there, but we're rocking a solid 95.3% success rate hitting you up on or before the original date we gave you.

Now, before the panic button gets a workout, peep into your emails – we might have dropped you a line about any delays. It's a bit unusual for the date to sneak by without us giving you the lowdown first.

Next on the checklist: track that parcel! Dig out the email from us with your tracking number, and Sherlock Holmes your way through the parcel's journey. If it's still playing hide and seek, it could be a snag with your address access, a missed delivery, or maybe even a postal hiccup.

If your inbox is zilch on the tracking info or it's all Greek to you, don't sweat it. Hit us up on Live Chat, give us a shout at 02477 360 405, or sling an email to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. Throw in the details of your order, and we'll swoop in like delivery superheroes – either by chatting up the courier or sliding a replacement your way. Crisis averted!

So, if you're twiddling your thumbs and that email hasn't waltzed into your inbox, here's the scoop:

  1. Your email provider might have given our email the side-eye and tossed it into the Spam or Bin folder. Be a detective, give those folders a once-over, and see if our email's playing hide-and-seek there.
  2. Now, we get it – typos happen. If you entered your email address like a speedy typist on caffeine, there's a chance a rogue typo slipped through the cracks. No biggie – you won't be the first, and you certainly won't be the last.

Still feeling like you're stuck in email limbo? Fear not! You've got options. Jump into Live Chat for some real-time banter, dial us up at 02477 360 405, or shoot a message over to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. We're here to unravel email mysteries and get you sorted!

If your item is still chilling in our warehouse, canceling your order is a breeze. Hit us up on Live Chat, give us a ring at 02477 360 405, or drop us an email at sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. We'll need a few deets from you, like your full name, order number, or the postcode the item was set to jet off to.

Now, if your order has already bid farewell to our warehouse and is en route to you, no worries, but it's a tad too late for the cancellation party. At that point, you'll need to send it back to us, and we'll dance our refund jig. Let's keep the returns and refunds tango going!

I Am An Existing Customer (I Have Recieved My Order)

Here at ThrottleChimp, we're all about flexibility! We offer a generous 365-day return window to our customers. Yep, you read that right – within 365 days of receiving a product, you can send it back to us for a full refund or exchange.

Before you embark on the return journey, there are a couple of checkpoints to hit:

  • The item should be in brand-new condition, still wrapped up in its packaging.
  • It should have landed in your hands no more than 365 days ago.

Now, a heads up on a few things that are a no-go for returns, including books (comics too), underwear, and bespoke items.

If you're all set to make a return, just click on "Customer Services" at the top of our page, glide over to "Book a Return," and you're good to go.

And now, a crucial PSA: If, by some cosmic mix-up, we've sent you the wrong product or it arrived looking a bit worse for wear, give us a shout within 24 hours at 02477 360 405. We'll sort out the courier to swing by and pick up the goods.

Refunds usually shimmy their way into your account within 3-5 days of the items making their way back to us. Exchanges are typically a swift 1-2 working days, and don't stress about extra shipping charges for exchanges – we've got that covered.

Now, if you've had a change of heart before your in-stock item takes off to its new home, just shoot us a message with your order number, and we'll cancel it and refund your purchase – no hard feelings.

If the cosmic mix-up results in you paying unexpected extra costs, fret not! Reach out to us pronto, and we'll make things right. We'll foot the bill for any returns and redelivery charges if we've sent the wrong item.

And lastly, if your parcel decides to play hide-and-seek in the post, we've got your back. We'll send out a replacement within 10 working days. Let's keep the ride smooth and hassle-free!

If, by some twist of fate, we've sent you the wrong product or it decided to play a game of rough and tumble during transit, here's the deal: Give us a shout within 24 hours of laying eyes on the delivery, dial us up at 02477 360 405. In these hiccups, we'll sort the courier to swing by and collect the goods – no fuss.

Now, if the cosmic mix-up results in you paying unexpected extra costs, don't hit the panic button. Reach out to us pronto! We're all about owning up to our slip-ups, and we'll reimburse any extra charges we've caused. If we've led the wrong item astray, we've got the tab for any return costs and redelivery charges. We're in this together, and we're committed to keeping your experience hiccup-free. Let's sort it out!

We're not ones to actively nudge our customers for reviews. Sure, we get that it can be helpful, but it just feels a tad peculiar asking for feedback when we're already on the clock, doing what we do best.

Now, there's a whole bunch of fantastic customers out there who, of their own accord, like to drop some kind words about our products and service. If you're one of those awesome souls who wants to share the love, we're all for it!

For product reviews, it's a walk in the park – just hunt down the product on our website, hit up the Customer Reviews header, and click "Write a Review."

Now, business reviews are a teensy bit different. They're all nestled on 3rd party websites, and truth be told, we're not waving flags for any particular one. It's a jungle out there, and many of them seem to be all about businesses throwing cash their way to boost their ratings. We like to keep it real and let our customers' experiences do the talking.

Short answer? No. But let's delve into the why, so it doesn't sound as cold as it seems.

Here's the lowdown: We've got a stash of unique products that you won't stumble upon elsewhere in the UK, and the reason for this exotic flair is our suppliers – they're jet-setting across borders. Now, when it comes to setting our selling prices, we play the currency game because our buying prices usually come in Euros, Dollars, or Yen. Since the Pound enjoys doing somersaults against these currencies, our prices can shimmy up and down on a daily basis. We're like the stock market of cool stuff.

Chances are, you snagged your item from us because it was already strutting its stuff as the cheapest option. We operate on itty-bitty profit margins, so once you've committed to and received the item, we can't throw in a discount. It's like a financial tango that we just can't cha-cha around.

Complaints – we're not fans, but we get it, and your feedback is key to making things even better at Wolvey Models. Here's the lowdown on different complaint scenarios:

  1. Complaint about the item you received:
    If there's a hitch with what landed on your doorstep, we want to fix it, pronto. Don't settle for a so-so item; hit us up on Live Chat, dial us at 02377 360 405, or drop a line to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. We're here to make things right.
  2. Complaint about the courier service:
    Couriers acting up? We're on it. Even though we can't boss them around, they're our go-to, so we take complaints seriously. Reach out on Live Chat, call us at 02477 360 405, or fire off an email to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. We'll either sort it out or stash the info away for future reference.
  3. Complaint about the delivery time of an item:
    Time troubles? Check your order confirmation first, and if the item played fashionably late, we want to know why. Drop us a line on Live Chat, give us a buzz at 02477 360 405, or shoot an email to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. We're here to untangle delivery dilemmas.
  4. Complaint about the general service of ThrottleChimp:
    This one cuts deep. We're all about top-notch service, so if we slipped up, we need to hear about it. Connect with us on Live Chat, call us at 02477 360 405, or ping an email to sales@throttlechimp.co.uk. Your feedback is our compass.
  5. Complaint about a particular member of our team:
    Uncharted territory, but if a team member rubbed you the wrong way, dial us up at 02477 360 405 and ask for George Bell, the boss man. We're committed to sorting things out.

We're not perfect, but we're always striving to be. Your complaints guide us on this journey to service excellence. Let's make things right together!

Social Media Influences Wanting To Work With ThrottleChimp

Firstly, a massive thank you for considering a collaboration with ThrottleChimp! We're genuinely thrilled that you're keen to team up with us, no matter the size of your channel or following – every connection matters.

Now, let's get real. While we might not be throwing heaps of freebies around, we're all about fair and square partnerships. We've got a sweet deal for you – we've worked with social media mavens before where it's a win-win. We won't be singing the profit song, but you get the chance to snag our products at cost price. It's a no-lose situation.

But hold up, there's more. To spice things up for your followers, we can roll out a special discount code. They get to enjoy some pocket-friendly shopping on our site, and in return, that's where we get a little something to keep the gears turning.

If you're still on board after all that info, drop us a line at sales@throttlechimp.co.uk or give us a ring at 02477 360 405. Let's kick things off and make this partnership ride smooth!

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