Alpine Motosafe Tour Earplugs White With Mini Grip

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Product Details

Embark on unforgettable riding tours, holidays, and road adventures with MotoSafe Tour – the perfect earplugs crafted for riders who crave comfort, protection, and an immersive journey.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Touring: MotoSafe Tour is meticulously crafted to enhance your touring experiences, providing optimal protection and comfort for those extended rides.

  • Noise Reduction without Compromise: These earplugs boast an impressive noise reduction value of 17 dB (SNR), ensuring your hearing is safeguarded without disconnecting you from the world around – be it the traffic buzz, guidance from your navigation system, intercom conversations, or the rhythmic beat of your motorcycle.

  • Innovative AlpineAcousticFilters™: Stay seamlessly connected to your surroundings, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of AlpineAcousticFilters™.

Comfort Meets Protection:

Designed with the touring rider in mind, MotoSafe Tour strikes the perfect balance, shielding your hearing from damaging noise without sacrificing the pure joy of the journey.

Adapted Protection Levels:

MotoSafe comes in various versions, finely tuned for specific riding scenarios. The Tour variant delivers a balanced noise reduction value, catering to the unique demands of touring enthusiasts.

Hit the Road with Confidence:

Don't compromise on safety or comfort during your road adventures. MotoSafe Tour stands as your trusted companion, offering the ideal blend of protection and connection to the road.

Gear up for your next adventure with MotoSafe Tour – where comfort, protection, and the thrill of the open road converge!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
George Lea
Very impressed

Decided to give these a shot after using Auritech earplugs previously. Both brands are good, but I found these easier to insert thanks to the applicator. Really happy with my choice.

Dianne Nicholson
Excellent alternative to custom plugs

During a tour of Spain and Portugal, I opted for these earplugs as an alternative to our custom ones. They let in more sound, making it easier to hear the intercom at higher speeds without sacrificing much protection. They're comfortable, simple to use, and we occasionally switched to custom plugs for longer, noisier motorway stretches. When needed, I'll definitely buy them again as an alternative for comfort. Dianne Nicholson

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