Arai RX-7V Evo Solid Full Face Helmet Diamond Black

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Alrighty then, looking for the Arai RX-7V Evo Solid Full Face Helmet Diamond Black? Look no further than ThrottleChimp! We've got it in stock and ready to roll. To make things easy, we've included a size guide and all the key features right here. No need to scour the internet – we've got you covered.

Size Guide
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Get ready for the Arai RX-7V Evo Solid Full Face Helmet in Diamond Black - it's not just a helmet; it's a game-changer.

Key Features:

  • Proven Arai Protection: The RX-7V EVO combines Arai's proven protection with the ECE R22-06 approval - it’s not just a new model; it’s a new benchmark.

  • PB-SNC2 Outer Shell: Arai's high-strength outer shell, borrowed from F-1 technology, maximizes strength, flexibility, and low weight. The "Z-Mixture" resins ensure a thinner and lighter shell for enhanced performance.

  • Variable Axis System (VAS): Enjoy a smoother shape that increases the ability to glance off energy. The lowered visor mounting position enhances the overall design.


  • RX-7V EVO Ventilation: Combined systems offer excellent and efficient ventilation, providing 11% more airflow through the centre duct. Lowered side-air channels and an extended diffuser system contribute to improved aerodynamics.

  • Free Flow System (FFS): Reduces wind noise and turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air.

  • Lowered Side-Air Channel: Improves air extraction from the cheek pad area, reducing noise and enhancing ventilation.

  • Centre Top Vent - Intake: A bigger switch for easier operation and 11% more airflow than the previous design.

  • Diffuser System: 20mm longer for improved aerodynamics, working with the Air Wing to enhance stability. The intake scoops of the diffusers have increased efficiency by 19%.

  • Brow Vents Extended to Temple Area: Directs fresh air without compromising shell integrity.

  • Three Position Chin Vent: Helps demist the visor and offers a supply of fresh, cool air.

  • Neck Exhaust Vent and Side Exhausts: Enhance hot-air extraction and reduce wind noise for a more comfortable ride.


  • Pull Down Chin Spoiler: Minimizes wind noise and aids hot air extraction, providing additional protection from road debris. Depending on the model, the Chin Spoiler is retractable.

  • Air Wing® Adjustable: Tested in MotoGP, it reduces drag, turbulence, and buffeting, improving stability at high speeds.


  • VAS Max Vision Visor: Standard for better visibility in all seasons and riding conditions.

  • Pinlock Insert Lens: Effectively prevents misting and fogging, ensuring a clear view.

Interior Comfort:

  • Antimicrobial Liner Material: Maintains neutral acidity levels for a comfortable fit.

  • Replaceable Cheek Pads, Interior, and Neckroll: Easily removable and hand-washable for customized comfort.

  • Speaker Pockets: Built-in space for communication systems (Speaker not included).

  • Facial Contour System (FCS): Provides a snug fit and enhances comfort to the lower jaw.

  • 5mm 'Peel Away' Cheek Pads and Temple Pad: Customize your fit with additional room if needed.

  • Thin Centre Pad for More Room in Front Area: Enhances the Arai fit and comfort around the nose and mouth.

  • Egg-shaped Chin Cover Compatible: Blocks air intrusion and improves exhaust function, reducing noise.

Comfort Features:

  • Emergency Release System (ERS): Orange tabs integrated in the pads allow quick cheek pad removal for easier helmet access in emergencies.

  • Breath Guard: Works with the dual-pivot® chin vent to direct fresh air and reduce fogging.

Safety and Quality:

  • Glancing Off: A strong, round, and smooth shell design minimizes impact energy, enhancing rider protection.

  • Five Times Inspected: Rigorous quality control through five separate departments to ensure the highest standards.

  • Washable Interior: Premium interior easily cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water.

  • Handmade: Crafted by experts over years, with up to 27 steps for each shell, taking about 18 man-hours.

  • All-Day Comfort: A perfect balance of fit, shape, ventilation, and weight distribution for comfort throughout the day.

  • Penetration Tested: Exceeds European helmet standards, ensuring superior protection.

  • Double-D Ring Device: Smooth, flat rings for secure fastening without moving parts or corrosion problems.

  • Smooth Shape, Better Protection: Designed to glide without unnecessary resistance, breaking off vents and ducts during an impact.

  • Strong Outer Shell, Soft Inner Shell: Combines strength and energy absorption for optimal protection.

  • Organic Shape: Natural appearance, better sealing, and conformity to the head's shape for improved comfort and reduced wind turbulence.

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty: Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years from the date of first use.

  • Different Outer Shells: Arai provides one size outer shell for each two-helmet sizes for most models, ensuring a perfect fit.

  • Arai In-House Test: Designed to meet stringent Arai In-house criteria, in addition to mandatory ECE standards.

  • ECE R22-06 Approved: Complies with the rigorous standards, including an oblique test for rotation.

Get the Arai RX-7V Evo Solid Full Face Helmet, because your ride deserves the best in safety, performance, and style.

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