Dainese Pro-Shape 2.0 Hip Protectors Black

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Product Details

Enhance your riding gear with the Dainese Pro-Shape 2.0 Hip Protectors in sleek black. Designed for comfort and protection, these hip protectors can be effortlessly inserted into the pockets of compatible pants.

The Pro-Shape 2.0 technology introduces a new dimension to motorcycle protection. Drawing inspiration from the auxetic patterns found in nature, this protector stiffens upon impact and expands in all directions during movement. It perfectly traces your body's motions, ensuring flexibility and freedom of action. The Pro-Shape 2.0 protector not only provides effective impact protection but also boasts excellent ventilation, thanks to its thoughtfully perforated surface.

Key Features:

  • Improved Ventilation and Flexibility: Experience enhanced airflow and flexibility for a comfortable ride.

  • Pro-Shape 2.0: Soft protector certified to Standard EN1621.1, offering top-notch impact protection.

  • Auxetic Design: Nature-inspired geometries that adapt to movements, providing a snug fit.

  • Protectors Compatible with Predisposed Dainese Pants: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Dainese pants with dedicated pockets.

  • Materials: Crafted from high-quality polymeric material for durability and reliability.

Upgrade your protective gear with the Pro-Shape 2.0 Hip Protectors—where innovation meets style and safety.

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