Drift 4K Microphone & USB Cable

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The Drift Microphone and USB Cable is a versatile accessory designed for use with Drift action cameras, including the Ghost X, Ghost 4K, and Ghost 4K+ Camera models. Here are the key features and information about this accessory:


  1. Dual Functionality: The cable/adapter serves a dual purpose by allowing users to connect both a USB charging cable and an external microphone to their Drift action cameras.

  2. Compatibility: The accessory is specifically designed for use with the following Drift camera models:

    • Ghost X
    • Ghost 4K
    • Ghost 4K+
  3. Convenience: Users can enjoy the convenience of a single cable/adapter to connect both a USB charging cable and an external microphone to their Drift camera. This reduces the need for multiple cables or adapters, streamlining the setup and making it more user-friendly.

  4. Versatile Connectivity: The external microphone connection is particularly useful for users who want to enhance the audio quality of their recordings. By providing a dedicated port for an external microphone, this accessory enables users to capture better audio in various recording scenarios.

  5. Simplified Setup: With the combined functionality, users can easily connect the USB charging cable for power and an external microphone for improved audio capture without the need for separate adapters or complicated setups.

  6. Compatibility Note: Users should ensure that their Drift camera model (Ghost X, Ghost 4K, or Ghost 4K+) is compatible with this specific cable/adapter.

This accessory offers a convenient solution for Drift camera users who wish to simplify their cable setup, allowing them to charge their camera and connect an external microphone with ease, enhancing both power and audio capabilities during recording.


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