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Product Details

The Drift 4K Bluetooth Remote Control is designed to enhance the user experience with Drift action cameras, specifically the Ghost 4K, Ghost XL, and Ghost XL Pro cameras. Here are the key features and information about this remote control:


  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: The remote control uses Bluetooth technology to establish a wireless connection with compatible Drift action cameras. This enables users to interact with their cameras remotely without the need for physical cable connections.

  2. Low-Power Interaction: The Bluetooth remote control is designed for low-power interaction with Drift Ghost XL Pro, Ghost XL, or Ghost 4K cameras. This ensures efficient use of battery power for prolonged usage.

  3. Battery Type: The remote control is powered by a CR1632 battery, providing a compact and easily replaceable power source.

  4. Comfortable Silicon Strap: The remote control comes with a comfortable silicon strap, allowing users to wear it conveniently on their wrist or attach it to other suitable locations for quick and easy access.

  5. Compatibility: The Drift 4K Bluetooth Remote Control is specifically designed for use with the following Drift camera models:

    • Drift Ghost 4K
    • Drift Ghost XL
    • Drift Ghost XL Pro
  6. Remote Control Functions: While specific functions may vary, typical remote control capabilities include starting/stopping recording, capturing photos, and possibly accessing other camera settings remotely.

By offering wireless control, this Bluetooth remote provides users with the flexibility to capture footage or images without physically interacting with the camera. Whether mounted on a helmet, bike, or in any other scenario, users can conveniently control their Drift action cameras from a distance, enhancing the overall filming experience.


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