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The Dry Balaclava is an advanced under-helmet liner crafted from breathable hydrophobic Dryarn fabric, making it an ideal choice even during the hottest seasons. Specifically designed to shield against wind, this balaclava ensures optimal sweat management, keeping the wearer dry, fresh, and comfortable.


  • Dryarn Hydrophobic Fabric: Facilitates efficient sweat management, ensuring the garment remains dry, fresh, and comfortable.
  • Breathable Stretch Fabric: Fully covers the face and neck, providing year-round usability.
  • Bacteriostatic, Hypoallergenic, and Anti-odor Properties: Ensures hygiene and reduces allergic reactions.
  • Made in Italy: Reflects superior quality and craftsmanship.
  • Tear-Resistant and Anti-Pilling: Ensures durability and maintains the garment's aesthetic appeal.


  • Comfort Zones on the Ears: Provides added comfort during prolonged wear.
  • Seamless Build: Offers superior comfort without causing irritation or discomfort.

Main Materials:

  • Dryarn®, Poliammide, Elastane: A combination that ensures breathability, flexibility, and durability.
  • Environmentally-friendly and 100% Recyclable: Highlights the garment's sustainable and eco-friendly attributes.

Temperature Regulation:

  • Maximum Aeration: Facilitates excellent airflow, enhancing comfort in various weather conditions.

In summary, the Dry Balaclava is a premium under-helmet liner that combines functionality with comfort. Its innovative fabric technology, coupled with its ergonomic design, makes it an essential accessory for riders and outdoor enthusiasts seeking optimal protection and comfort.


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Bradley mettam

Perfect fit inside the helmet

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