HJC Pinlock 70 Dark Smoke Lens HJ-20 RPHA 10 DKS072

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Product Details

Check out the DKS072 Pinlock® in dark smoke, perfect for those bright light conditions, and compatible with HJC's HJ-20 visor found on helmets like the RPHA 10.

Key Features:

  • Fog Performance Level: Pinlock® 70
  • Technology: Anti-fog
  • Lens Colour: Dark Smoke
  • With built-in pins and the Pinlock® Anti-Fog Lens, you're sorted to tackle fog and keep your vision clear even in tricky conditions.
  • Crafted from a moisture-absorbing plastic, Pinlock® lenses snugly fit the shield, thanks to the silicone seal, creating an airtight barrier.
  • Easily switch lenses with the adjustable eccentric pins, ensuring you're ready for whatever the weather throws your way.
  • Pick your preferred tint and the right insert for your helmet shield model to customise your setup.
  • Cleaning is a breeze; just use lukewarm water or a bit of mild liquid soap with a soft, damp cloth. Let it air dry naturally.
  • Remember, while the Pinlock® lens is soft and moisture-absorbent, it's not as scratch-resistant as the face shield. Keep spare lenses wrapped in a soft cloth for safe storage.

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