Interphone 40mm Speakers Set For Ucom R Bluetooth Intercommunication System

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Product Details

The Interphone 40mm Speakers are replacement earphones designed for compatibility with Interphone U-com 8R, 7R, and 6R communication systems. Here are the key features:


  1. Replacement Speakers: These 40mm speakers serve as replacement earphones for Interphone U-com 8R, 7R, and 6R communication systems. If the original speakers are damaged or need an upgrade, these replacement speakers provide a suitable solution.

  2. Immersive Sound: The speakers are designed to deliver immersive sound quality, providing deep and rich bass. This feature enhances the audio experience, allowing you to enjoy your favourite playlists or audio content with clarity.

  3. Compatibility: Specifically designed for Interphone U-com models, ensuring a proper fit and seamless integration with the communication system.

  4. Background Listening: The immersive sound quality makes these speakers suitable for background listening even during conversations. This feature adds versatility, allowing users to enjoy music or audio content while staying connected.

  5. Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, allowing users to replace the speakers without hassle.

Whether you're replacing worn-out speakers or seeking an upgrade for improved sound quality, the Interphone 40mm Speakers provide a compatible solution for Interphone U-com 8R, 7R, and 6R communication systems.


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