Shark Goggle Visor 80% Tinted For SK Helmets

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Product Details

Hey, check out this awesome Shark goggle visor with an 80% tint, specially made for SK helmets!

With this tinted visor, you'll be cruising in style while keeping your eyes protected from the sun's glare. It's perfect for those sunny days when you want to ride without squinting all the time.

The tinted design adds a sleek look to your helmet, giving it that extra edge. Plus, it's easy to install, so you can swap it out whenever you want a different vibe.

Upgrade your SK helmet with this cool 80% tinted goggle visor from Shark and enjoy a more comfortable and stylish ride!

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Johnson

Clear vision even in bright conditions, no fogging issues, and the tint is spot-on for sunny rides.

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