Silverback Chain Lube SBX50

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Check out Silverback Chain Lube SBX50 – it's the go-to solution for keeping your chains, gears, and sprockets running smoothly.

This dry, grease-based lubricant is packed with PTFE, giving it serious adhesive properties. It starts off wet, making its way into every nook and cranny before thickening and drying out. Perfect for bikes and motorcycles, but it works a treat on any moving metal parts.

Here's why you should give SBX50 a go:

  • It's got a high PTFE content, so less drag for you.
  • Anti-wear formula keeps things running smoothly.
  • It penetrates deep and then thickens up.
  • No flinging around, so no mess.
  • Lasts ages – no need to keep reapplying.

Got questions? We've got answers: Q: Can I use SBX50 on my mountain bike? A: Yep! It's great for all chain-driven machines. But if you're hitting the trails, check out SBX10 Wet Lube or SBX11 Dry Lube – they're specially made for mountain bike chains.

Q: Is SBX50 okay for O-ring chains? A: Absolutely! SBX50 is good to go for O, X, and Z ring chains.

Q: How often should I lube up my motorcycle chain with SBX50? A: For off-road bikes, hit it up after every ride. Road bikes should get a dose every 300 miles. If you're all about top-notch protection and performance, you can apply more often – just make sure the chain's clean first.


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