Visiodry Supherhydrophobic Anti Rain Areosol Spray - 35ml

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Hey there! Got caught in the rain one too many times? Then this Visiodry Supherhydrophobic Anti Rain Aerosol Spray might just be your new best friend!

Here's the lowdown:

  • It comes in a handy 35ml aerosol spray can, perfect for popping in your bag or pocket.
  • This stuff is superhydrophobic, which basically means it repels water like a champ. Say goodbye to soggy clothes and wet belongings!
  • Just a quick spritz on your gear, and you'll be ready to brave the elements without worrying about getting soaked.
  • Whether it's your jacket, shoes, or backpack, this spray has got you covered. Literally!

So, if you're tired of getting drenched every time it rains, grab yourself a can of Visiodry Supherhydrophobic Anti Rain Aerosol Spray and stay dry out there!


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Quick delivery, product works well

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