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Product Details

The Drift Curved Adhesive Mount Kit is a specialized accessory designed for securely mounting your Drift camera to non-porous and flat surfaces. Here are the key features and details about this mount kit:


  1. Curved Adhesive Mounts: The kit includes 5 curved adhesive mounts, specifically designed for attachment to curved surfaces. This makes it suitable for mounting your Drift camera on surfaces with contours, such as helmets or other rounded equipment.

  2. 3M Self-Adhesive Pads: The mounts in this kit utilize 3M self-adhesive pads for secure and reliable attachment. The included adhesive pads offer strong bonding capabilities, ensuring that the camera remains securely mounted during various activities and movements.

  3. Compatibility: The Drift Curved Adhesive Mount Kit is designed to be compatible with Drift cameras, providing users with a dedicated solution for capturing footage from curved surfaces.

  4. Versatile Use: This accessory is ideal for mounting your Drift camera on helmets, vehicle surfaces, or any other equipment with curved shapes. It offers versatility in capturing dynamic and action-packed footage from different perspectives.

  5. Easy Installation: The kit is designed for easy and straightforward installation. Users can quickly attach the curved mounts to the desired surfaces using the provided 3M self-adhesive pads, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

  6. Secure Attachment: With the combination of curved mounts and strong adhesive pads, this kit ensures a secure attachment of the Drift camera to curved surfaces. This is crucial for capturing stable and high-quality footage during activities like motorcycling, skiing, or other action sports.

The Drift Curved Adhesive Mount Kit is a valuable accessory for users who want to capture unique and immersive footage from curved surfaces. Whether you're recording adventures or engaging in sports activities, this kit provides a reliable solution for securely mounting your Drift camera on equipment with varying contours.


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