Yo, at ThrottleChimp™, we're all about keeping things chill and hassle-free.

Check it out – we're offering a whopping 365 days for you to decide if a product is your vibe. Within that year, you can hit us up for a full refund or swaperoo.

Before you sling anything back our way, just make sure it's in primo condition, still rocking that new vibe, and hasn't been chilling with you for more than 365 days.

Now, here's the lowdown on what's not eligible for returns – think books (comics included), undies, and anything bespoke.

Ready to send something back? Hit up https://www.throttlechimp.co.uk/pages/book-a-return

When you ship it, drop us a note with your name, order number, and deets, letting us know if you're after a refund or swapping the goods.

And heads up, if we goofed and sent you the wrong thing or it arrived looking worse for wear, give us a bell within 24 hours on 02477 360 405. We'll sort the courier and get things back on track.

Refunds usually take 3-5 days once we've got your stuff back. Exchanges? Typically 1-2 working days, and we won't hit you up for more shipping moolah.

Changed your mind before we shipped your order? No drama – shoot us another message with your order number, and we'll cancel and refund it.

If we're at fault for sending the wrong item or causing unexpected costs, we've got your back. Holler at us, and we'll sort you out, covering any extra charges on our end.

Lost in the post? No worries, within 10 working days, we'll sling a replacement your way.

Keep it breezy, ThrottleChimp fam! 🚀