Seen it Cheaper? - ThrottleChimp™ Price Beat

Found a better deal elsewhere? No worries—we've got your back!

We always keep an eye on our prices to make sure we're offering the best bang for your buck. But with the gazillion items we've got, doing daily price checks is a bit of a stretch. So, if you stumble upon a cheaper price on some other site, here's the low-down on what to do:

  1. Toss us the link to the website where you spotted the steal.
  2. Make sure it's up for grabs.
  3. Check if the price covers delivery charges.
  4. Confirm it's a dead ringer for our item and spanking new.
  5. Double-check it's from an authorized seller, not some random Joe.

Once you've ticked off this checklist, we'll sling you a special code to slash the price on our site with the aim on beating our competitor by at least £1! Need it in a rush? If it's during our work hours, expect a ping from us within an hour or two.

Now, for the nitty-gritty of our Price Beat game:

  • The item's gotta be a carbon copy in size, colour, and model.
  • We're only beating prices for deliveries within the UK mainland.
  • We're playing the price beat game with UK websites rocking prices in GBP.
  • No teaming up with other discounts or promos—it's a solo act.
  • This deal dances only with goods from our legit UK distributors.
  • We're cool with beating just one of each item per savvy customer.
  • And yeah, we might pull the plug on this price-beating party whenever we feel like it.
  • Oh, and those discount codes of ours? They're not invited to the price beat shindig after you've made a purchase.